Tricks for Treats

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Tricks for Treats

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you enjoyed trick or treating around the neighborhood or in the mall and went home with bag-full or basket-full of candies. How was my 1st Halloween?

Fur-mom bought about 2 bags of candies and chocolate months before the Halloween. On that cold late afternoon,  fur-mom allowed me to stay outside, just on the front porch.  She put away the chairs and table so that I would have room to play around.  Then she came out from the front door and brought a red basket full of sweet stuff. I loved staying there witnessing the kids with their baskets and getting treats from us. I barked every time kids say "trick or treats?" and Auntie Ven helped gave those candies away. The trick and treat ended and I was a little upset because I didn't get at least 1 candy from the basket. But that was okay, I usually get treats from my fur-family every time I learned new tricks or commands.

On my first few days with my fur-family, the first command I learned was "sit". It was easy! Whenever they asked me, "Ollie, sit!", treat follows and I said to myself, "Oh, that's how it works!". If no treats available, I heard them say "good boy!" and I felt good.  A week after, I had another training session with fur-mom. This time around, she asked me to "lie down". She spent a little more time in this session but in the end, I finally got it. They found it funny every time I did the command because I just slide my butt to rest my body on the floor.  After almost 2 weeks,  fur-mom continued our training. On this session, I learned the command,  "high five".  Again, I made my fur-family amazed and proud at the same time, happy tummy and happy me. Tricks for treats, indeed!

Watch out for more new tricks soon!


Your snuggle buddy,


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