Not all who wander is lost


It was summer of 2017, the first time we laid eyes on you and since that day you brought joy to our lives. Some people said hope we know what we are doing but we said we're prepared for whatever may come. We instantly became parents. From quiet and simple home transformed into a chaotic abode and loud "No!.. stop!... nope!". Autumn came showing lots of vibrant colors around us but you the most picturesque. Then it became just all white as the winter appeared. Extremely painful and traumatized at the time you disappeared. We grieved because we missed all about you and kept on asking why do you have to go too soon.  It was the toughest decision. Two days after my father's death anniversary, our fur-baby, our first gentle giant crossed the rainbow bridge.  

We missed you so much, Dodong. Please always remember, we love you and your pawprint already tattooed in our hearts. Thank you for all the memories.


Ollie's pawrents

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