My first vet visit

Not all who wander is lost

My first vet visit

I was about 2 days old in my new fur-family when I had my first vet visit. It was not my first because I had been to a vet clinic days after I was born but it was second car ride and first time to explore the city.

I was a bit nervous and I think my fur-parents were having mixed emotions, nervous and excited. Nervous because they wonder how will I behave in the clinic with new people and other dogs. They were excited to know the health and wellness plan they’re offering. Before they decided to get services to this clinic, my fur-parents did a research first by getting information online and visiting vet clinic. Their decision was based on acceptable rates with the following factors:

  • Emergency veterinary clinic services
  • Prices and insurance policies
  • Other Services
  • Business hours

At the clinic, I got to meet their super friendly staff. They immediately took my vital statistics and process the patient registration. My weight was 12 lbs after 2 days, I was already 12.5 lbs. Then I met my doctor and she’s a lady. I was surprised because she kissed me when she first saw me and say “what a handsome big boy!” She took time to examine me and put something on my body. There was something painful but I didn’t cry. So far my exam results were all good.

All in all my first vet visit was pleasant. I enjoyed it even though I was still adjusting the car ride.


Your snuggle buddy,


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