My first night

I'm back! As promised let me share with you my first night in my fur-ever home.

My first night

Hello, friends! I'm back! As promised let me share with you my first night in my fur-ever home. My first adventure, the long drive wasn't bad and meeting new people was really exciting and a bit scary.

We just arrived from a long drive and my fur-family was busy settling in. They introduced me to the areas where I should eat, get water, pee and potty. It was actually overwhelming! My fur-family provided me with all I need. I had my dinner, got some treats and a little play. Then suddenly, it became so quiet in the house. The lights were slowly fading.  I heard slow footsteps going inside a room next to me. I smelled it, it was probably fur-grandma. At a short distance, I can still hear some noise and flashy lights and it seemed like someone is talking. Heard no steps anymore but I can still feel that my fur-parents were still there. So I cried and cried until I get their attention. They both came in a hurry and tried to ask me what is that I want? Every time they turned away from me and headed to the door, I  cried out loud. Why are they leaving me? So they stayed. I was so scared and alone.  When I was to fall asleep, I heard slowly fading paces. I didn't pay attention to it because I was too tired of crying and can't keep my eyes open. Maybe after an hour or two, when I smelled and glanced that no one was with me, I cried and whined again and again through the night. My fur-parents kept on checking on me. I grumbled because wanted to pee or to poo or to eat or frightened but they seemed unable to get me yet. I was able to rest at least but for sure my fur-parents were like zombies in the night! 

Night ended. Looking forward to my breakfast. Will tell you about my first breaky and the rest of my day with my new fur-family!


Your snuggle buddy,


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