First step to my fur-ever home

I am finally home!

First step to my fur-ever home

Hi again! (wagging tail)  I am Ollie, the Sole Wanderer mascot. Thank you for following my adventures. By this time, I think you have known how I met my fur-parents. They spent more than 700 miles drive to pick me and take me to my fur-ever home. 

It was a lot of driving until there was a stop. Then suddenly, everyone went out of the car. I was scared and I cried because I don't want to be left alone. Fur-mom carried me and walked over the grass. I said to myself, "Mom, did you know I can walk?" But she continued to carry and we went towards this little house. Smells like I'm in a different place and heard new and strange sounds around me.

The door is opened, fur-mom continued to embrace me and said, "Welcome home, Ollie!". We entered into this called home. I kept on sniffing while I was in my fur-mommy's arms but I could no longer smell Gramma Debbie and my littermates. Confused and a bit crying. Where am I? What is this place? After a few steps, we arrived at this cozy place. Everyone seemed so calm. Then I heard, "Ollie, this will be your bed." She looked happy and excited. Fur-mom said that my bed was made with love. I learned from her, that fur-dad refurbished an old table and converted it into a dog bed. He added a special touch by adding accent letters on the headboard. Fur-mom was mumbling, O-L-L-I-E, Ollie! That's my name! She put me in the playpen and met new toys: the yellow loofa ruff, white rabbit, and a huge yellow knot. Plus, I got toys from Gramma Debbie. I said to myself, this is my bed, my space! Guess, I am finally home!

How was my first night in my new fur-ever home? What do you think? See you on my next adventure.

Your snuggle buddy,


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