First day with my fur-family

I woke up on a quiet early morning with everything new around me.

First day with my fur-family

Good day to all my friends! I woke up on a quiet early morning with everything new around me. I tried to sniff checking if my new family is nearby but seems like they're not around, so I started to cry. Smelled someone is coming and footsteps getting louder. The door opened and it was fur-mom. She took me out of my playpen and carried me to the kitchen. I kept on crying while fur-mom was busy getting food. She took something out from a plastic bag and it smelled so familiar. Oh, it's food that I used to get from Gramma Debbie. So hungry! Fur-mom, can you feed me right away? She put my food in a double feeder with water next to it.

In a few hours, my fur-parents decided that it's time for me to explore outside. Fur-dad opened the door and I could smell the cold air coming in through the door. Fur-mom put on my leash and she guided me to the stairs leading to that door. She went down the stairs and asked me to come down. I was too afraid to go down and cried. Fur-mom encouraged me to go down and said, "It's okay, Ollie. Come down". She was confident that I could make it because she finds the steps were not too steep. I slowly took my steps while sniffing until I reached the ground. When I passed the door, I can smell the grass, trees and different sounds everywhere. Fur-dad walked me around to introduce the backyard while fur-mom patiently waited near the maple tree. We stayed on the grass near the grotto and my fur-parents started to play with me. I enjoyed running on the grass, smelling the garden and tried to bite some twigs. I felt tired from the play, so I lied on the grass to rest. Fur-dad asked me to get-up and we walked going inside the house. They put me in my den and waited until I fell asleep. During that day, I got to explore the other areas of the house for the first time. I noticed some of the rooms are forbidden and the door was shut. I wonder what it's in there and tried to check out by smelling at the edge of those doors.

Although I was a bit scared and confused, my first day with my fur-family was alright. It wasn't perfect but the attention and love were there.


Your snuggle buddy,


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