They got lots of ideas how iGGi was formed.


Hi guys! I was born on Thanksgiving Day, so my pawrents called me iGGi. Why? They got lots of ideas how iGGi was formed:
... short for "i am God's Gift"
... because I'm a saint bernard, my name is also: Ignatius Gian
... because I'm awesome,  "i am Gorgeously Gigantic"
... and I'm part of "i am a Gentle Giant".

When my pawrents decided to get me, the feeling was more of "thanksgiving", "give thanks" or "blessed" instead of "grieving", "being sad" for losing a fur-baby. Initially, I was supposed to be adopted by a family that lives in Alaska but some unforeseen reason, my Gramma Debbie posted that I am opened for adoption. My pawrents avoided the social media particularly my Gramma Debbie's page after they lost their first saint. New year came and fur-mom saw me and shared to fur-dad my picture when I was about 6 weeks old. At that time, my pawrents believed that they are ready and willing to have a fresh start with a new puppy... and that's me!

Few weeks after New Year's day, my family's first adventure of the year was my "GOTCHA day". It was cold and snowy but my pawrents drove to meet me and brought me to my fur-ever home.


Your snuggle buddy,

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