My 1st Puppy Class

Same as little hoomans in school, I also have favorite time in our class...

My 1st Puppy Class

A lot hoomans instantly fell in love when they see a puppy, especially a pupper like me. But in reality behind my overloading cuteness, it took a lot of work, sacrifices and learnings for my pawrents  in order for me to be a good member of the pack, my family.

Before my pawrents got me, they knew that I had to be in school. They already got a recommendation from a neighbor who regularly walks her handsome white German Shepherd named Payton around our block. My pawrents are awed every time they meet Payton because he is a calm dog. His owner is so kind enough to share Payton's stories and his adventures on how he became an obedient dog. 

After I completed my shots, my pawrents enrolled me into Puppy Class I - Basic Obedience Class. I was 5 months old when I met pupmates with almost same age, big or small. We we're all 4 in one class and my pupmates were: Spaghetti (Spinone Italiano), and two other puppies named Kaylo and Chewy.

Although Mom and Dad already thought me some basic commands, in my Puppy Class I, I learned basic obedience skills, how to stay focus and enhance my social skills. Actually, the class was probably not for me but it was for my pawrents to help them mold me into an obedient puppy. 

Same as little hoomans in school, I also have favorite time in our class, I called it "recess".. where we all pupmates can play all together.

My pawrents and mine too's favorite session was the outdoor class where I got the chance to experience new smells, meet hoomans and furry friends in the downtown area with lots of restaurants, people, cars, passing trains and stores. I enjoyed being in school and I am pretty sure that my pawrents learned so much more.

On my last school day, I received a diploma from my teacher with my name on it that graduated Puppy Class l. Hooray!


Your snuggle buddy,


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