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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Kueh Lapis

When we had a weekend getaway in Bintan, we bought the popular Indonesian delicacy called "Kueh Lapis," a layered cake. This delicacy is available in a variety of flavors such us original, prune, cheese, chocolate, pandan and coffee.

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Extra Creamy M-Float

This is one of the desserts I learned in my childhood next to Leche Flan. There were few recipes I've tried and use different types mangoes but these mangoes from the Philippines called "karabawon" is for me the best for this recipe. I'm happy that this specific mango is now available in our local grocery stores. If you wish to look for this type of mango, check this out, Juan de la Cruz Mangolicious. You can try other types of mangoes as well. The cream mixture is a killer! It's not just all purpose cream and condensed milk, but it has extra ingredients that make it extra creamy and fruity.  With added extra garnish or toppings, there's always texture in every bite, the cream will melt in your mouth and you can savor the amazing blend of the mango. Try this recipe and share it with your loved ones! Let me know your experience.

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Bistek de Chicago

Bistek is beef steak cooked in Pinoy style. This recipe is one of the easy to prepare and cook course because there are only a few ingredients and the steps are easy simple. I called it "Bistek ala Chicago" because I got this recipe from my big brother in Chicago. According to my nephew and niece, their dad's beef dish is the best! Just make sure the beef is thinly sliced otherwise it will be harder to make it tender. To make things less complicated, you can buy ready to cook sirloin beef packs. By the way, this recipe is supposed to be my brother's secret recipe, but I'm revealing it to the world. :)

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International House of Pancakes

Where would you want to have a yummy and a full breakfast? IHOP is one of the long-standing food chains in the US that serves a wide selection of pancakes and American breakfast.

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